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To all my friends

Azalyn- "Hero", thanks for being there for me and not believing everything you hear. Good luck with Jimmy!
Brady- My buddy and skittles forever!
Jessica- Mosquito's! Remember the glare
Erica- Blonde friend...
Jordan- El compronde softball lol
Katie- Thanks for being a true friend and for being there when I needed you most
Emily- Conga rats Auntie Em.
Lori- Be good to your new man!
Ashley F.- What up yo!? best buds 4eva
Alan- Try not to forget Mr. Tomasic's class...okay so you slept through the year
Nathan- My ex-husband, I STILL WANT THE CAR
A.J.- Two words, Niagra Falls!
Bradon- Thanks for the great year in English...member the squirrle
Matt P.- Thank you, I love you
Matt S.- Damn mountain goats! Congrats on 5 months
"Jefe"- Orange Blobs rock!
Jon P.- Likes to shoot people and frogs lol

Diana- My best friend because everyone hates us lol!! Remember the Pirates game and mosquitos!!
Amanda- Thanks for being there for me.
Eric- You really scared me there lol
Mello- Horseback ridding **RRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP*
M&M- I'm too good to ride the bus! HAHA!
Jared- Try not to mow the grass too hard there!
Amy Sue- Softball and remember riding Brady's bike!
Rach- Good luck
Jake- Thanks for everything
Karly- We kick ass lining fields.
Caitlyn- YOU ROCK GIRL! Remember Prom forever!
Eliot- Sorry didn't get to see you this year!
Steve- oopma lumpas
Holly- My english hommie g
Keith- I hate you....your too smart
Sara- Thanks for horseback riding
Ashleigh "W-Dawg"- Softball forever
Josh- Band fag lol
Mal- Remember our kick butt guy class
Shane- Bus rides w/ the dirty people...

2001 All rights reserved. Sorry if I missed you and if you REALLY want the glory and the me and I'll put your name up!